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MKE Round 3 – Master Mind Alliance of Pilgrimage

I have been learning about Master Mind Alliance through the Master Key Experience, and while reading Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  Well, this is one more thing that fits right in with Pilgrimage as well. Here’s Hill’s definition of a Master Mind Alliance: Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony,

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MKE Round 3 – Tribute to My Hero

One hundred years ago today, my hero was born – my Dad!  In fact, he was a hero to many.  Today I pay tribute to him. Growing up he was a hero to his baby sister, who later said Dad saved her life when he brought home a goat and milked it to provide for

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Movie Review

MKE Round 3 – Movie Review – Soul

I recently watched the movie ‘Soul‘ (which you can find on Disney+) and though it is not about pilgrimage, it is a perfect Hero’s Journey story, and I also found an interesting Master Key concept.  So I decided to review it this week. Soul is the story of Joe, who is a part time music

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MKE Round 3 – Pilgrimage and Symbols

This week in the Master Key Experience Mark (and Haanel) talk about symbols, principles and intuition.  This also relates to the pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago. When you are walking on the Camino, all symbols are stripped away.  You are not a nurse or a teacher or a retired plumber.  You are just a

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MKE Round 3 – Kindness and Pilgrimage

Wow it’s Kindness Week!  I LOVE this week – and wouldn’t it be great to be kind EVERY week?  Pilgrimage is all about kindness and humility.  Pilgrims are humble, and tend to be kind to each other, and the locals are kind to the pilgrims. Kindness is abundant on the Camino de Santiago.  Here are

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Movie Review

MKE Round 3 – Movie Review – The Way

In keeping with my pilgrimage theme, I am being a rebel (or a self-directed thinker) and choosing a movie that was not on the MKE movie review list.  But I can still do the same homework.  The Way is a story about the Camino, and all the elements are there. In this movie, Martin Sheen

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