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MKE Week 8 – Battleshipping!

Did you know that “Battleshipping” is a verb?  Well, maybe it isn’t in the dictionary, but within the Master Key Experience Community it sure is! At the end of each lesson in The Master Key System, the reader is given an task to help to exercise one’s thinking muscle.  As we are learning in the

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MKE Week 8 – Battleshipping!

MKE Week 2 – My Boston Marathon

This weekend I completed the Boston Marathon!  Yes, for real! I have run five marathons before.  This one, a virtual marathon, was very different.  No mile markers, no cheering crowd, no finish line.  But that’s okay. I have never run the Boston Marathon, and never will – I would never meet the qualifying requirements, and

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MKE Week 2 – My Boston Marathon

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