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Movie Review

MKE Movie Review – Captain Marvel (and The Unicorn Store)

I saw two movies recently starring Brie Larson – Captain Marvel and The Unicorn Store.  Brie Larson plays a hero in both movies, though very different kinds of heroes. In both movies, she finds her own strength, using the same kind of process we are learning through the Master Key Experience.  Remember those four tiny

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MKE Round 2 – Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself

Haanel says it, and he’s right, knowledge DOES NOT apply itself! Over the last week I had several thoughts rolling around in my mind, so it’s time to get them down in the Blog.  Between the Master Key Part 12 reading, the Webinar Replay for Week 11 (yes, I am behind a bit), and a

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MKE Round 2 – Is There a Pot of Gold?

Have you heard that there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of every rainbow?  When I was I child and saw a rainbow, I would always wonder if this was true, but then as we got closer to it, the end seemed to move. This week’s lesson from the Master Key offered

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Amazing Benefits of Gratitude

Grateful, Gratitude or Thankful, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving? It’s pretty much all the same to me.  I use Gratitude and Grateful, but if you like Thankful better – go for it. Anyone who has followed me on Facebook knows that I do a gratitude post every week, on Sunday or Monday usually, and have been doing it

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MKE Round 2 – In the Garden of Hesperides

We have just a few days left with Scroll #1 of The Greatest Salesman in the World, and I would like to spend the time remaining in the Garden of Hesperides! When I first read The Greatest Salesman, my imagination was captured by the paragraph which includes the following quote: I am prepared for wisdom

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